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Following the publication of President Conant's statement last night, the Temporary Student Committee on Instruction in the Social Sciences issued the following statement, which clings to the doubt previously expressed as to the weight in the President's opinion of the ability of Drs. Walsh and Sweezy.

Text of Committee Statement

"The Temporary Student committee on Instruction in the Social Sciences thinks that President Conant has reversed his position as regards the teaching abilities of Drs. Walsh and Sweezy. This action, we believe, reflects the universal student opinion as to the outstanding capabilities of the men.

The Committee, however, feels that President Conant's statement is not a complete explanation of the situation. The fact remains, and we believe this to be of the utmost importance, that the Department of Economics recommended Dr. Walsh and Dr. Sweezy for regular re-appointment on a three year basis. Thus it would appear that in the judgment of their associates these men are worthy of retention.

Certainly vital is the question as to whether the University has replacements of equal or superior ability for these men. Will the Administration provide the students with more capable men in the fields of corporate organization and labor problems?

President Conant has repeatedly stated that he will make every effort to keep various shades of opinion presented to the students. This Committee feels that this admirable aim is in no wise served by the discharge of two prominent liberals in the Economics Department.

The Committee would further like to know on what basis the President feels that these men are surpassed in potentialities by their contemporaries. Dr. Walsh has recently been awarded the Wertheim Fellowship, given only to men of outstanding promise. Only recently his work on this Fellowship was commended by the University as "one of the most through and intensive studies of this nature that has ever been made." (Committee on Research in the Social Sciences.) Notwithstanding, the Administration has seen fit to give Dr. Walsh notice without giving him an opportunity to present the results of his research.

For these reasons we think the whole situation is in need of further investigation, and we will continue our efforts along this line."

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