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Possibility that venerable but empty Memorial Hall may be once more converted into a dining hall loomed large yesterday as the drive for better graduate eating facilities, sponsored by the Law School Union, gained momentum.

Pressing need for better and cheaper food has set in motion widespread agitation, declared Drexel Sprecher 2L, chairman of the group. An efficient organization to make the issues known to the law faculty and to the controlling board of the University is necessary at this time, he stated.

Plan for Greater Economy

At least four-fifths of the graduate students are sprinkled at random about Cambridge and are forced to dine at such expensive places as Lincoln's Inn. Although several members of the faculty are well informed of this resolution, a part of a vast movement among graduates for cooperation in extra-curricular activities, petitions will be circulated for formal presentation to the authorities.

Because the proposal may take at least a year to reach superior councils, plans are under way at the Law School, where the demand is most urgent, for Union Cooperation to provide temporary dining quarters. Entirely a Law School enterprise this student-managed restaurant would be a second alternative should the University not favor demands to use the Gothic structure. Opportunity for students to earn board by waiting and executive work would overcome a serious shortcoming of the higher educational schools, it was emphasized.

Union Activities

Activities of the Law School Union include a campaign for the building of student government. In this attempt they have been encouraged by the faculty.

Built for the College mess hall in 1870 on the historic "Delta" but now twelve years abandoned as an eating establishment, Memorial Hall is centrally located for advanced workers in many departments.

In accepting the building in 1878 for the commemoration of Harvard sons killed in the Civil War, the President and Fellows declared Memorial Hall to be "the most valuable gift which the University has ever received, in respect alike to cost, daily usefulness, and moral significance.

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