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John L. Dampeer '38 will head a committee of eight students to examine this spring and next year "research vs. teaching ability", "the trend to social sciences", "hiring and firing", and "flexible departmental budgets".

Acting on the Student Council resolution of last week a temporary committee, set up at that time, last night announced appointment of a permanent body to investigate the University's four key administrative problems.

With Dampeer, member of the Student Council, are Richard T. Davis '38, secretary of the new committee, Francis Keppel '38, Council member, Laurence S. Levy '39, J. Spence Harvin '39, David E. Feller '39, H. Bruce Griswold '38, and Hans H. Zinsser '38.

The four issues before this committee of Sophomores and Juniors, interested in the future of Harvard administration, were crystallized by the Council last week.

Of these questions the first is considered most pressing. On this the original Student Council resolution reads:

"In judging a member of the Faculty who is being considered for promotion or dismissal, is too much emphasis being placed on research and the publication of scholarly works as opposed to teaching ability?"

The temporary committee which made last night's appointment consisted of John B. Bowditch '37, president of the Student Council, as chairman, Davis, Robert L. Bishop '37, Keppel, and Dampeer. It was originally appointed by the Council.

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