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Sophomore Editorial, Sophomore and Freshman Business Competitions Open at Crimson Tonight

Tryouts Last for Six Weeks; Come to 14 Plympton Street, 7:30 in the Evening


If you are a Sophomore, can write, and want to earn a place in the College as an influence on College thinking, you might as well report at the CRIMSON building at 7:30 o'clock tonight. The annual spring editorial competition is about to begin.

You probably won't get another chance like this to place your grievances, remedies, constructive and destructive thoughts in print. Only if a man is unable to think, is there no point in his coming out. The CRIMSON Editorial Board will send him into the crannies of stimulating University problems; it will teach him to write, but not to think.

And that's really your only worry. The work is light, requiring an editorial a day or its equivalent. There is little or no night work.

Business Competition

No night work is also a feature of the Business Board competitions, opening to Freshmen as well as Sophomores at the same time.

Here what a man needs is perspicacity and tenacity. The competition offers experience in making contacts with business men, writing advertising copy, gaining experience in the circulation end of a paper, collecting bills, and innumerable other educational and ever-changing aspects in the business affairs of a $25,000 a year commercial enterprise.

The quotas for the News and Photographic Boards have been filled. The Editorial and Business competitions will last for approximately six weeks.

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