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Education in the Civilian Conservation Corps will be given consideration in the Harvard Summer school during the Month of July when leading educators gather here for three special conferences.

At the same time the questions of adult education and progressive school curricula and methods of teaching will be considered.

The educational possibilities of the C. C. camps will be heard in a two weeks conference following the example of the studies which were initiated last summer at a similar gathering. Matters of vocational and school guidance for members of the Corps as well as the best methods of teaching and of measuring achievement in the camps will all relive treatment.

This meeting will open July 12 and will resent views of professional and lay leaders in the camp program and other adult education movements. Last year about 200 teachers in C.C.C. camps contend here for a shorter session, and are examined at the end of the conference given as a course.

During the summer of 1936 army leaders from the 1st corps area and from Washington, leaders in the educational study of the corps, and laity and members of the Harvard School of Education all spoke at the conference where the problem of Americanization and civic training was one of the big questions raised. At that time it was decided that debates of and controversial questions are unwise methods of training for the camps.

Adult Education

The adult education conference is to take the form of a series of six evening lectures and discussions, open to the public without charge and scheduled between July 12 and July 29.

Speakers will include Professor Lyman Bryson of Teachers College Columbia University; Eduard C. Lindeman, of the New School for Social Work, New York City; Harold Benjamin, Director of the Center for Continuation Study, University of Minnesota; Henry W. Holmes '03, Dean of the Graduate School of Education; Kirtley F. Mather, professor of Geology and Director of the Summer School; and Professor Harry A. Overstreet, of the College of the City of New York.

Under the charge of Warren G. Seyfort of the Graduate School of Education there will also be a six day conference on "Progressive Education and Secondary School", sponsored June 28 to July 3 by Harvard and the Progressive Education Association.

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