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Seeking its second win of the season, eight Varsity oarsmen will face Tech and Rutgers this afternoon over the Henley course in the Basin.

Sprinting and starting practice down to the Massachusetts Avenue Bridge and back comprised the final session for Tom Bolles' Varsity and Junior Varsity boat-loads yesterday afternoon.

Both Harvard and Rutgers, the two principal contenders in the regatta, won their opening races last week, Harvard over Tech and the Scarlet over the Manhattan crew, but the Crimson is favored to take this race by at least a couple of lengths.

The Junior Varsity race which precedes the Varsity should be even more of a walk-away for the local crew, with the Tech second boat having a definite chance to edge Rutgers. News from the New Brunswick school says that their Jayvee boat is pretty weak this year.

The Rutgers Varsity is a heavy boat, probably having the advantage over Harvard by a couple of pounds; but the remarkable power of the Crimson shell at a low stroke and their ability to sprint strongly at the finish of the race will probably leave the New Jersey boys well back in their wake.

The Varsity lightweights and the Yardling eights will be making their first appearance, against Tech alone. The Freshmen have looked good this week, and Wednesday they were only four lengths back of the Varsity in a time trial.


3:00 o'clock: Freshman Race.


3:30 o'clock: 150 lb. Race.


4:00 o'clock: Jayvee Race.


4:30 o'clock: Varsity Race.


Crews are listed in the order in which they will race--the first crew listed in each race being nearest the Cambridge bank of the River, the last nearest Boston.

The races are over the Henley distance--one and five-sixteenths miles--starting at the Cottage Farm Bridge and finishing between the Massachusetts Ave. and Subway Bridges.

Best place to watch the race: Along the Cambridge bank near the finish or on the Massachusetts Ave Bridge. Crews will pass through the seventh and eighth arches out from the Cambridge shore.

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