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To the Editor of the Crimson:

Mr. Whitney, in his letter to you printed today, implies that the drive for funds to pay for an ambulance to be sent to Spain is only a guise by which radicals are collecting money for some devious purpose of their own.

I feel impelled to take issue with him on this point. I myself am a conservative. I am a member in good standing of the River Forest (Illinois) Regular Republican Club. I am acting on this committee because I believe that Fascism is the greatest menace to our liberties, and to world peace, today. I believe that the defeat of Franco will be a signal check on Fascism.

Mr. Whitney asks, and quite justifiably, to whom the ambulance will go. It is not to be turned over to the Spanish government, but rather to an American medical unit, staffed by American doctors and nurses it will render strictly medical aid to wounded soldiers and civilians, in the territory held by the Valencia government, elected by the Spanish people in the spring of 1936.

I hope Mr. Whitney's questions concerning the ulterior motives of this radical committee for medical aid are cleared. John L. Davidson '38

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