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Winner of the Sophomore election by 12 votes, Francis Austin Harding, Jr. of Chestnut Hill polled 132 out of 415 votes cast in Monday's Student Council election.

Behind Harding, Richard Howard Sullivan of Marietta, Ohio and Joseph Spence Harvin of Fort Worth, Texas, placed second and third to also earn places on the new 1937-38 Student Council.

Harvin, with 106 votes, earned his place by a precarious margin of a single vote over Charles Lee Burwell of Millwood, Virginia, while Richard Peter Hedblom of Cambridge, last year's Freshman president, was fifth with 95 votes, and Cleveland Amory of Milton was sixth with 82.

Harding was vice-president of the Freshman Class last year, captain of the Yardling hockey team, and a football and hockey letterman this year. He was on the first line on the six which won the Quadrangular League Championship this winter.

Both Sullivan and Harvin are on their respective House Committees, the former in Lowell, the latter at Leverett. Harvin was also on the Union Committee and chairman of the Jubilee Committee in his Freshman year, while Sullivan was a member of the Reviews Committee. Election Results 1938 Ballot *Charles Russell Allen  185 *John Lyell Dampeer  171 *Francis Keppel  136 *Joseph Patrick Kennedy, Jr.,  133 *Vernon Henry Struck  121 *Edward Larrabee Barnes  108 George Frederick Lowman  106 Morris Earle  104 Nathaniel Goddard Benchley  99 Herbert Bruce Griswold  97 Sheldon Ware  88 Wiley Edward Mayne  82 Gibson Winter  82 Caspar Willard Weinberger  79 Robert Wells Snyder  76 Peter Thacher Brooks  75 James Sinclair Armstron  59 Richard Talliesyn Davis  59 Aaron Jerome Himelhoch  56 Philip Truman Shahan  52 Paul Massik  46 Carlos Colton Daughaday, Jr.  45 Alvah Woodbury Sulloway  42 Joseph Franklin  30 1939 Ballot *Francis Austin Harding, Jr.  132 *Richard Howard Sullivan  120 *Joseph Spence Harvin  106 Charles Lee Burwell  105 Richard Peter Hedblom  95 Cleveland Amory  82 Richard Stanwood Benner  74 Oliver Payne Bolton  70 Robert Alexandre Sears  68 Frank Paul Davidson  61 Robert M. Bunker  57 Henry Edwards Russell  56 Ulysses John Lupien, Jr.  51 Richard Russell Flood  50 Caleb Foote  49 Charles Dickey Dyer, 3rd.  37 Robert Maurice Ravven  20

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