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"Dog" Has First Appearance At Copley Theatre Tonight

Nineveh Chorus of Boston Society and Radcliffe Featured


Opening at the Copley Theatre tonight, the Dramatic Club production of "Dog Beneath the Skin" includes in its cast of 103 people representatives from three girls' schools in addition to H.D.C. actors.

The title role, that of the dog, is being carried by Richard Seymour '40. John Barnard '39 has the male lead, playing opposite Alice Plympton of the Junior League. L. John Profit, special student, plays a prominent part.

The famous and (or) notorious Nineveh Chorus, featured recently on the photo pages of Boston papers, consists of Jeanne Stern of Radcliffe, Helen Porter of Dana Hall, Julie Casay of Childe-Walker, Virginia Leach of Radcliffe, Martha Bird of the Junior League, Olivia Osberne of the Junior League and Vincent Club, and Mary Lou Walpole of Boston.

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