Fields of Concentration

ways of mathematics. And here it is that the tutors are of great help, for on the whole they are willing and able to help with any work one may wish to do. A thesis is required of everyone in the senior year, although it need not be original creative work. Mathematics A, 2, and 5 are required of all concentrators, while 13 is necessary for honors candidates. In addition either 3 or 4 should be taken.

The required daily work makes it a difficult or at least inconvenient, field for the man with many outside activities, unless extra curricular work can with effort be done on schedule. Also, the field cannot be recommended to those who are not certain they like mathematics. However, for those who do like the subject, and have not experienced difficulty with the theory of mathematics they have met in school and Freshman year, it is an opportunity for much pleasure and profit.

Concentrators' comments on the faculty of the department follow:

Graustein. Best teacher. Well organized lectures which get one interested.

Coolidge. Lectures rather advanced, but marking easy. Keeps his courses and tutorial interesting.

Beatley. Not too instructive. His present field is not mathematics but education primarily.


Huntington. His Math. A course covers huge amount of material. Well organized, if slightly dry, lectures.

Birkhoff, G. D. Inspiring, but hard to follow. Good tutor for good advanced men.

Widder. Good lecturer. Accurate and painstaking. Gives big assignments.

Whitney. Poor lecturer, but a brilliant scholar. Helpful to advanced men.

Van Vlock. Excellent in mathematical physics. Good tutor.

Birkhoff, Garret. Gives poor, unorganized lectures, although a good mathematician.

Ahlfors. Erratic teacher, but good tutor. Makes one work. Gives tricky exams.

Stone. Good, thorough teacher, although possibly dull.

Walsh. Very thorough in both teaching and tutorial. Not a driver.

Quine. Really a philosopher. Gives good Math. 19.

Pitcher. Too slow in Math. A. Rather easy.

MacNeille. Good research man, but no teaching ability at all.

Robbins. Not hard in tutorial, but interesting.

Fobes. Gives good Math. A section.