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Awards totalling $16,225 were announced today for the academic year 1937-38 as follows:

Edward Austin Fellowships, of $675 each, for study in the Graduate School of Arts and Sciences, to John H. Franklin, of Tulsa, Oklohoma; Barnaby C. Keeney 1G, of West Bartford, Connecticut; Wilbert E. Moore, of Eugene, Oregon; and Arthur LeR. Cohen, of Stockton, California. Cohen has also received a University Fellowship.

Bliss Fund and University Fellowships, totalling $2,125, to Virgil A. Gould, of Buhl, Idaho; Arthur E. MacGregor 1G, of Needham; Mace E. Raymond, of Lafayette, Indiana; and Henry F. Wershing, of Fort Duchesne, Utah.

Bliss Fund and Blodgett Scholarship to Russell J. Lutz, of Belmont.

Bayard Cutting Fellowships for research in Physics to Wilmer C. Anderson, Ph.D., instructor in Physics, and Edward C. Stevenson 1G, of Richmond, Virginia.

George and Martha Derby Scholarship of $400 to Lawrence B. Aller, of Oakland, California.

Du Pont Fellowship for research in Chemistry to Herman E. Schroeder 1G, of Brooklyn, New York.

George H. Emerson Scholarships, of $450 each, for students of zoology, geology, or chemistry, to Robert Galambos, of Cleveland, Ohio; Wilson D. Mitchell 1G, of Madison, Wisconsin; J. Fred Smith, Jr. 2G, of Dallas, Texas; and Gilbert F. Woods, Jr. 2G, of Chicago, Illinois.

Charles Haven Goodwin Scholarship of $400, for study of the classics, to Edward L. Bassett 1G, of Marblehead.

Ozias Goodwin Memorial Fellowship of $575, for the study of Constitutional or International Law, to Vincent MacD. Barnett, Jr. 1G, of Los Angeles, California.

William Watson Goodwin Fellowships for graduate study of classical literature or archaeology to Albert H. Travis 1G, of Los Angeles, California, and Frederic Peachy, of Paris, France.

Fellowships of the Harvard-Yenching Institute, totalling $2,400, for Oriental study, to Arthur G. Henry 1G, of New York City; Yuesh-hwa Lin, now studying at the Yenching Institute; and John K. Musgrave 1G, of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

Harris Fellowship of $550 to Normand R. Cartier 2G, of Gonic, New Hampshire.

Honorary John Harvard Fellowships to Frederick S. Crawford, Jr. 2G, of New York City; Wilfred Kaplan 2G, of Boston; Harry Tschopik, Jr. 1G, of New Orleans, Louisiana, and Paul L. MacKendrick 1G, of Roslindale.

Priscilla Clark Hodges Scholarship of $400 for study of biology to James O. Beasley 2G, of Wells, Texas.

Albert and Anna Howard Fellowship of $1,000, for advanced study of the ancient Greeks and Romans, divided between John R. Grant 1G, of St. Catherines, Ontario, Canada, and William L. Grant, of Victoria.

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