Summer School Will Also Give Geology Course in Colorado and Surveying at Squam Lake

With special attention to the development of Europe's "New Architecture" and its relation to modern building in the United States, an architectural field trip will be conducted by the University Summer School through northern Europe from July 3 to August 23, this summer.

Dr. Hugh S. Morrison, assistant professor of Fine Arts at Dartmouth will be director of the trip, taken in connection with a course on European architecture. After a brief seminar conducted by Kenneth J. Conant, professor of architecture, the course members will sail from Boston on July third. On the high seas school will be carried on with lectures by Professor Morrison.

Only those nations will be visited which have achieved the highest development of the new forms--Germany, Scandinavia, Russia, Holland, England, Poland, Belgium and France. Listed among the special stops are Westminster Cathedral and London Tower, the Kremlin, and the Paris 1937 Exposition.

Another group of summer school pupils will spend five weeks near Colorado Springs in a Geology field course, visiting the summit of Pike's Peak, the San Luis Valley, Loveland Pass, and other points of geologic interest.

At the engineering camp near Squam Lake, N. H., a surveying course will be given from June 26 to August 20 for engineering students.