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Founded in Middle of Depression Club Is Now Prosperous, Has Waiting List


Founded in 1931 in the middle of the depression, a new organization, the Downtown Harvard Lunch Club in New York now has almost 600 members, boasts luxurious club rooms, ranks as the third largest Harvard Club in the Country.

With the purpose of providing in downtown New York, the Club being located on 56 Beaver Street, at William, a pleasant and inexpensive eating and meeting place, particularly for younger graduates who cannot afford a more expensive Club, the D.H.L.C. has steadily grown in membership throughout the depression.

With a very large number of men from 1937 going to New York next year the prospects for further growth loom large. At the moment there is a limit of 550 resident members, which quota is now full, a waiting list of 20 being in existance. Membership qualifications are approximately the same as those of the Harvard Club of New York. The initiation fee is $5, annual dues $10, meals $.85 and $1.00. The Club is open five days a week for lunch.


The D.H.L.C. is in no way connected with the Harvard Club of New York, located on West 44th. Street, but the bylaws of the two organizations are very similar and they have cooperated often.

Edward C. Smith '23, is at present the president of the Club; other officers are: Paul H. Smart '14, vice president; Hamilton V. Bail '13, treasurer; Theodore B. Lewis '13, secretary.

Directors include: Francis E. Storer '07, James Coggeshall '18, John P. Howland '28, Clarence C. Pell '33, Paul De Give '34, Charles Brewer '09, Howard Reid '12, James E. Merrill '24, John Watts '28, Lionel C. Perera '31, G.B., J. Paschall Davis '30, Howard Elliott, Jr. '22, Malcolm Fooshee '21L, Edwin H. Heminway '15, and Ernest E. Smith '02.

The Committee on admissions includes: Theodore B. Lewis '13, James E. Merrill '24, J. Norrish Thorne '08, R. M. Blair Smith '28, Arthur Mills '29, Morgan D. Wheelock '31

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