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To the Editor of the Crimson:

As freshmen we were lost in a welter of names and faces which we were totally unable to associate. As a consequence the Redbook board last year decided upon a supplementary issue which made the members of the class of '40 far better able to recognize their fellow men than were their predecessor. But again there will be a reshuffling, and again the job of linking names and faces will arise. Hence this letter and suggestion.

Would it be possible to publish at the same time of the Red Book's publication a similar pamphlet for each of the Houses? The cost of cuts would be removed for at one time or another every man in college has been photographed. Paper and a little bit of timely work on the part of a House Committee is all the cost that would be involved. And the job of readjustment to new faces and new people would in part be abetted.

It is unlikely, of course, that this idea could be put into effect immediately, but it might well serve its purpose in future years. Respectfully,   Allan Kalumus '30