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Gaetano Salvemini Slated for De Bosis Lecturer Post Again This Year


Dr. Curtis P. Nettels, Professor of History, University of Wisconsin, an expert in the early economic history of America, and author of "The Money Supply of the American Colonies before 1720," will give a course in American history covering the colonial period up through the Revolutionary war and the formation of the Constitution.

Dr. Gaetano Salvemini, formerly Professor of Medieval and Modern History at the universities of Messina, Pisa, and Florence, Italy, and since 1934 Lauro de Bosis Lecturer on the History of Italian Civilization at Harvard, has been reappointed to this post again for this year.

Dr. Nicolai S. Timasheff, formerly Professor of Law at the Faculty of Economics, the Polytechnicum, St. Petersburg, Russia, has been reappointed Lecturer on Sociology for a second year. He is the author of numerous works dealing with the causes and punishment of crime, and the theories and administration of Soviet Russia. He will give courses in "Introduction to Sociology of Law"; "Modern European Social Reforms"; and "Individualized Treatment of Crime an Criminals."

Other visiting scholars in the social sciences will include Professor Charles Bunn, of the University of Wisconsin Law School, who will lecture at the Law School; Dr. Read Bain, Professor of Sociology, Miami University, Oxford, Ohio, who will lecture on Social Conflict, Social Control, and Personality; and Professor Delbert J. Duncan, of the Northwestern University School of Commerce, who will lecture at the Business School on Marketing.

Dr. David E. Owen, assistant professor of History at Yale will instruct in English history; and Dr. Vincent M.Scramuzza, assistant professor of History, Smith College, will lecture on the Roman Empire.

Visitors in other departments will include Burton L. Cushing, head of the science department, East Boston High School, who will lecture at the Graduate School of Education on the teaching of physics; Dr. Arthur F. Jenness, associate Professor of Psychology, University of Nebraska, who will instruct in Social Psychology; and Dr. Dirk J. Struik, associate professor of Mathematics, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, who will instruct in differential geometry.

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