Performances Spotty and Precision Is Lacking in Early Stadium Closed Drill

An important cog of the Crimson offensive machine was lost in Saturday's practice game when Bob Stuart broke his collar bone. It is almost certain that he will be unable to see service again this season.

Stuart started against Yale last November, and was named Harvard's most formidable back by Coach Ducky Pond after the game. First breaking into the headlines as the recipient of the now historic Oakes-Stuart pass which was instrumental in tying the Princeton game, he has since been one of the strongest Crimson threats. Judging from Saturday's game, Frank Foley will probably receive the call in Stuart's place against Springfield, with Bob Burnett held in reserve.

Reds Win 13-0

The "Reds" or team A, emerged victoriously from the practice clash, defeating the "Grays" 13-0. The purpose of this game was primarily to season the more inexperienced players, and although some fairly good football was displayel for so early in the season, the game clearly demonstrated that the squad was badly in need of seasoning. Individual performances of even the sure Springfield starters were spotty, and the precision necessary for the Harlow type of attack was not always conspicuously present. But mid-season polish must not be expected in September, and on the whole the game was more than satisfactory.

For the first period, the Grays dominated the field, out gaining the Reds by a considerable margin. Ralph Pope and Bob Burnett were particularly noteworthy in this early Gray offensive.

First score of the afternoon was heralded by Struck's interception of a pass which he ran to the 27-yard line. Foley, who had replaced Stuart, then sifted his way through the Grays for a first down. Art Oakes then passed to Bob Green over the goal line just as the half ended. Struck missed the kick.

The second Red touchdown came early in the fourth period, the termination of a 55-yard triumphal march. Most of the ball carrying in this parade was shared by Struck, Foley, and Torby Macdonald. This time Struck's was successful.

Another score seemed imminent in the third period when big A1 Kevorkian broke through the line to block Austie Harding's punt. Faulty centering and sloppy ball-carrying, however, accounted for two fumbles in a row and a lost opportunity.

Looking Things Over

Dan Cheever played through most of the game for the Grays at center, and Coleman saw considerable service in this position for the Reds. Both these men are being groomed for probable service this fall, for although Tim Russell and Rick Hedblom are now rated ahead of them it is not expected that either will be able to give the iron-man performance turned in by Jones last fall. Coleman is the greenest member of this quartet, being the only Sophomore of the group and playing his first season at center. Last fall he was Captain Healey's substitute on the Freshman eleven.

The Varsity cut will be announced today, after which the squad will settle down to its regular weekly routine. Scrimmages will be held today, tomorrow, and Wednesday.