New crimson jerseys were issued yesterday and combined with a cold drizzle to remind the Varsity squad that the balmy days of pre-season workouts are now a thing of the past. The New England football and dismal weather season is now in full swing.

Scrimmaging was again postponed, with intensive signal drills and pass defense taking its place. The Jayvee "Springfield" team was again on hand to display its wares for the benefit of the A and B elevens. A particularly noteworthy feature of the Springfield deception is the pre-scrimmage antics of a roving back. He usually starts his wanderings back of the left flank, weaves eccentrically through the backfield, often as not coming to rest at his original point of departure before the ball is snapped.

Starting Backs

The starting backfield quartet was definitely announced yesterday and included no surprises. Chief Boston will take his old place at blocking back on the offense, line backer on the defense. Vernon Struck and Art Oakes, two other veterans, will play fullback and left halfback respectively, with Frank Foley playing his first Varsity game at right halfback.

Both Foley and Struck have done considerable punting in practice and will probably share the kicking burden on Saturday. If Harvard kicks off, it will be Struck's toe that will put the ball in play, and he will also place-kick after whatever touchdowns the A team may make.

Oakes and Foley

Oakes and Foley are the outside guard ball carriers, and for that reason should be the most conspicuous men on the field. But if Struck lives up to his performances of last fall, he will be seen plunging over the Springfield center for many first downs. Art Oakes handles the aerial attack.

To the casual observer, Chief Boston will seldom be in the limelight. He never carries the ball from scrimmage, handling it only for a second in the more complicated plays. Few gains, however, will be made without his effective blocking. Nine times out of ten when long runs are made he will be seen somewhere on the line of march sitting on one or more would-be tacklers