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Utopis of Men All With Teeth In Perfect Shape May Come

Royle of Dental School Says We May Look for Such a Time


Declaring that the primarily function of teeth is the preparation of food for digestion, Faul E. Boyle, instructor in operative Denistry, said that modern diet had made the teeth less necessary than in prehistoric times when man gnawed the meat from bones and chewed roots and herbs.

As a result anthropologists have prophesied that the human race will eventually become toothless. But he went on, it is quite as logical to suppose that with increasing knowledge of the factors which influence dental development and with control of the wide spread diseases, caries and pyorrhea, we may look forward to a time when all men will have perfect teeth lasting a full life time.

"The deciduous or milk teeth erupt into the oral cavity shortly after birth," continued Bolye. "The eruption of teeth in a normal well nourished infant should be attended by little discomfort. The deciduous dentition is nature's way of supplying teeth adapted to the small jaws of the child.

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