Yale Men Jealous of Heroes Of Gridiron, Letter Reveals

News Prints Letter From Female Fan "Dixi Belle" to Eli Leatherhead

Most of the Yale men these days are getting pretty envious of the football players down there, if the evidence presented by the Yale News is any criterion. Here is a letter sent to "Louis Leatherhead, football ace," after the Elis' recent game with Navy.

"Ill de hi, Looie," it begins, "I know you don't know me from Adam's apple, but after seeing you in action this afternoon, I said to myself, 'Boy! he's got something there,' and I sure would like to correspond with you. That is, if you're willing. ('Honey, please don't turn your back on me')

"After the game I wanted to meet you and also get your autograph, but circumstances prevented it. (Boo hoo!--'I'm not crying, that's rain in my eyes'). You know something--I've always been an ardent Navy fan in the past, but now suddenly find myself following the Yales. What's the answer? ('Can it be the gypsy in my soul?')

"I suppose you're curious by now as to who I am. Well, first of all--my full name is Dixi Belle Kent, but I am more frequently known as 'Cookie' to my friends (so take a hint). I stand 5 feet 3 inches in my stocking feet, but, as I do not go around in my stocking feet, I am really 5 feet 5 1-2 inches (including high heels). Just dainty for a big brute like you!! And say, I'm a blue-eyed blonde--how does that strike you? ('Be still your heart!'). I was 20 years old June the eighth. When were you born?

"Besides the pigskin, my other interests are: swimming in the summer, tobogganing in the winter, and dancing all the year round to anybody's music, although my weakness is Calloway. Want to be in on a secret? Yes?--'I'd give my best pal away for Calloway.' (Yeah, man!!). His music does something to me. I hear that 'swing' is going out of style. Darn it! (oops, pardon my French). What are your views on music and orchestras?


"I hope you aren't bored with all this nonsensical data, but in any case you may take the floor now.

"Tell me:

"(1) What is your home town?

"(2) What are your interests, besides football, in the line of diversions?

"(3) Have you ever been in Woonsocket? (where I live.)

"(4) Do you belong to a frat?

"(5) Do you have many proms?

"(6) A football outfit is so deceiving. Will you give me a detailed description of 'just you.' ('Please be kind' and oblige.)

"I guess I've asked you enough questions (curiosity sure has the old gal down!) for one letter. Oh, no--one more--tell me how to start capturing your heart.

"I could go on and on, but the announcer says my time is up. So, until pou hear the familiar 'hi de hi,' you can be certain two to one that it's Station D-I-X-I B-E-L-L-E signing off. Sincerely,   Dixi Belle."