Union Committee Men Announced By Marshall, Mercer, and Marvin

Will Select Commuter Member Shortly--To Elect Chairman Later On

Eleven appointments to the Freshman Union Committee were announced last night by Kendric N. Marshall '26, secretary of the Union, Douglas Mercer '40, Student Council Member in charge of Freshman affairs and Langdon P. Marvin, Jr., assistant to Mercer.

A Freshman commuter will be added to this list after the first meeting which will be a luncheon meeting held on Thursday at 1 o'clock in the Union dining hall. The chairman of the committee will be elected after a few meetings.

The list of appointments follows:

Charles S. Bridge of Franklin. Ohio and Massachusetts Hall, Exeter.

Norman N. Griffith of Portland, Gregon and Thayer Hall, Lincoln High School.


Eugene Keith of Richmond, Kentucky and Weld Hall, Choate.

Arthur Lyman, Jr., of Boston and Massachusetts Hall, Noble and Greenough.

John E. , 3rd of Evanston, Illinois and Holworthy Hall, Evanston High School.

Loren G. McKinney of Chapel Hill, North Carolina and Matthews Hall, Chapel Hill High school; Arthur H. Northrup of Shortridge, Indiana and Grays Hall, Shortridge High school.

John J. O'Neil of Taunton, Massachusetts and Thayer Hall, Thayer Academy.

Endlcott Peabody, 2nd, of Utica and Lionel Hall, Groton.

Edmund B. Spaeth, Jr., of Mt. Airy, Pennsylvania and Grays Hall, Germantown Friends.

Harvey C. Taylor, Jr., of Portsmouth, New Hampshire and Wigglesworth Hall, Milton.

The appointments of Keith and Lyman were automatic by virtue of the positions which they hold respectively as chairman of the Red Book and captain of the football team.