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Results of the School of Design's competition for a design to go on the Summer School's publicity material have been announced by Walter F. Bogner, assistant professor of Architecture.

The winning design is by Richard G. Stein 2G.S.D. who was awarded the $15 first prize in a field of twenty. His entry was a sketch of ivy leaves on a mottled background against a brick facing.

The second prize of $10 was given to Joseph H. Saunders, Jr. 2G.S.D. for an unusual design of a man's head with a section cut away to reveal the brain, and three lines drawn from his ending in captions telling what subjects are taught in the Summer School--Art, Science and Education.

William B. Cavin, Jr. 2G.S.D. won the third prize of $5 with a more conventional design.

"We are not completely satisfied with the designs as they now are," Bogner says, "so we have given the five leading contestants (including the two men who won honorable mention) the opportunity to study their designs and re-submit them on November 7." The one selected from this competition will probably be used on the Summer School's catalogue and other publications.

Vices of summer School

Most of the designs are subdued in tone and in the best taste, many using Appleton Chapel as a decoration with which to set off the lettering. But one designer threw discretion and the dignity of the Summer School to the winds and submitted a flashy offering of whiskey bottles and bathing beauties with the caption "It's All Play and No Work."

In one corner he pasted a photograph of a bottle of "Teacher's Highland Cream" whiskey. Immediately above this basks a nearly naked beauty in a bathing suit, and across from her is a photograph of a swim-suited bridge game on the Riviera which appeared in one of the picture magazines last summer. A shield with the Latin motto, "Sudor et Lacrimae," translated "sweat and tears" is in another corner, while a diapered baby slumbers in the middle.

The designer of this masterpiece signed his name as Anonymous, in spite of the contest's rules which required a signature.

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