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Yardlings Tom White, Arthur Mason, A. L. Stout, and Loren Mackinney pretty well dominated the Freshman intramural track meet on Soldiers Field yesterday afternoon as they captured ten out of 14 firsts between them.

Mackinney and Mason took three firsts apiece, the former winning the two hurdles and the broad jump, while Mason won the shot put with a heave of 48 ft. 5 1/2 in., and took first honors in the javelin and discus. Mackinney's high hurdle triumph was somewhat of a hollow victory, inasmuch as he was the sole entry.

Stout won the 80 and 160 yard sprints, while the versatile White tossed the 30 pound weight 39 feet 10 inches for a first place and romped home ahead of the pack in the 660 yard run.

Price, Houghton Win

Winners of the other running events, all of which were over fractional distances averaging three quarters of the regular stretch, were Price, who took the 330 in 39 seconds flat, and Houghton who built up a big lead to win the three quarter mile run in 3:56.

High jumpers Michael Zara and John Bunker tied for first in the high jump at 5 feet 7 inches, and Paul Rodgers copped the pole vault at 9 feet 6 inches.

Coaches Optimistic

Track mentors Jaako Mikkola and Bill Neufeld are mildly optimistic about 1942's tract outlook, but are worried about the weight events and particularly the pole vault.

"We've got to have some pole-vaulters," Jasko said yesterday. "I don't care whether they've never touched a pole before or not. In fact I'd almost prefer them to be beginners as long as they've got a sense of coordination."

Distance events are fairly well taken care of by cross-country men, and the sprinters and jumpers are average or better for a fall turnout. Competition in the hurdles is a little thin, but Jaako is counting on Yardling football and soccer players to make up the deficit.

Closest finish of the meet was in the final 80 yard dash, in which Yardlings Clark and Whitney pushed Stout to the tape. Clark also took a second in the low hurdles.

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