President Hopkins Partially Clears Censorship Problem by Proposal of Mediation to College Trustees

HANOVER, New Hampshire, Oct. 27--The problem concerning the censorship of the Daily Dartmouth by the faculty was partially cleared up tonight by the proposal that an impartial board of arbitration be set up to decide on the fate of this newspaper.

As a result of the action of the Board of Trustees, a fourth act will be provided for the prolonged drama of the Dartmouth's "freedom and responsibility" controversy. The Trustees had earlier been expected to produce a grand final at the end of act three by a conclusive decision on the reports and counter0reports laid before it.

Hopkins Intervenes

Instead, the Board accepted a statement presented to it by President Ernest Martin Hopkins, which contained a discussion of the proprietorship question, and which concluded with the recommendation that the struggle be delegated for decision to a group headed by an impartial chairman. It would include appointees from the college administration and from the publication under firs.

The officers of the Daily Dartmouth last night indicated acceptance of President Hopkins plan, under which he will appoint several delegates to meet with a similar number of representatives of the newspaper, who in turn will name an impartial chairman.