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The functions inherited by the newly-appointed Union Committee are greatly advanced over those of the first one, which was designed to act purely as a House Committee. Besides managing dances, the Yardling group has entered the political field during that part of the year previous to the election of the class officers. Its chairman invariably becomes a leader of the Freshman class. These developments have been eminently desirable, since it means that students are doing tasks formerly done by officers of the University, and because the men on the Committee are well-picked and capable representatives of their class.

Last year the question of the limit of the functions of the Union Committee became quite acute when considerable agitation arose for the abolition of the class elections and the performance of the elected officers' duties by the appointed Union Committee. In favor of this action were the arguments that elections had been profitably abolished in the Junior and Sophomore classes, that most of the voters did not know for whom they were voting, and that it was an uneconomic waste to end the life of the Union Committee just when it had mastered the mysteries of acting for the best interests of the Freshman class.

The result last year was that the Student Council, which controls all things political among the Yardlings, conservatively postponed the elections for one month, by that token acknowledging the use of class officials to be negligible. This year the development of the Union Committee should be carried to its logical conclusion with the total abolition of the elections. The members of the Union Committee are well chosen, representing nearly all the halls, both private and public schools, commuters and residents, the East and the West. Until the time, which will come with Student Council elections in the spring of the Sophomore year, when the class is sufficiently acquainted with itself to conduct an intelligent election, they are the logical men to act for their class.

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