Samuel Williston to Teach Course in Contracts Again For Law School in October

Will Lecture While Landis Serves On Railroad Commission

Once again teaching a course in contracts which had been his favorite subject at the Law School for many years, Samuel Williston '82, Dane Professor of Law emeritus, will be at his old post during the month of October.

Williston is lecturing in place of Dean James Landis, professor of Legislation, while the latter is serving in Washington on a commission, appointed by President Roosevelt, to adjust national railroad difficulties. Edmund M. Morgan, Bussey Professor of Law, has assumed the duties of acting dean.

Although last spring Williston and Joseph H. Beale '82, Royall Professor of Law, retired from active teaching, the specialist on contracts will lecture at the University of Texas during the second Half-year. Asked whether he intended to continue writing legal manuscripts, he said: "I've written all my treatises. When you get to be 77 years old, you can only do one thing at a time."