The strains of "Wintergreen" will resound in the Stadium this afternoon, but Crimson rooters will be treated to something now in between-the-halves entertainment when the 80-piece Cornell band marches out to challenge the supremacy of Harvard's musical outfit.

Just how one band "beats" another was not disclosed by leaders of either of the rival organizations, but Charles D. Duffy '39, Crimson manager, declared yesterday, "If anybody defeats us, they'll do it." A huge WELCOME and CORNELL will stretch diagonally across the field tomorrow if all goes well with Duffy and his men. Bob Lannigan '39, who succeeded Bob Snyder '38 as baton-twirler, has recovered from an open blister on his hand from which he was suffering during the Brown game, and is expected to spin a good game.

No Wimmen

Cornell's band, 20 men smaller than usual, will not feature a co-ed as drum-majorette, contrary to popular rumor. "The age-old tradition of Cornell is against having co-eds in the band," barked Captain Williamson, R.O.T.C. officer at Ithaca and band mentor. "There aren't any girls in the band, anyway!" Captain Williamson declined to reveal any more of the Big Red's musical plans than that they were "going through a lot of formations." Besides, he had to attend the rally.

Boston's Parker House was the scene of the rally and smoker for alumni of the Cayuga college. "Cornell-eeeeyell-eeeyell-eeeyell" was the cheer that came from several hundred Ithacan throats as the Red rooters heard speeches from their coach, Carl Snavely, Richard C. Floyd '11, head of the Varsity Club, and Dick Harlow.


Flip-Flops As We Cheer

Crimson cheerleaders will continue to try to evoke oral enthusiasm, technically known as "chatter" from the Harvard stands today. The season's first acrobatics will be introduced, but there will not be a stunt until next week. One cheerleader reported that "we are ready to lay down our larynxes for our college."

The Harvard band will play a new Cornell medley arranged by Leroy Anderson '29, and before the game will render "Pack Up Your Troubles--." Duffy stated that the latter tune was not to be considered symbolic. Don Gahan, popular local orchestra leader, who is a third-year law school man, will lead the Crimson music.