On the shortest end of betting odds in the four-year stay of Coach Dick Harlow, the Varsity football team will take on Cornell's white-shirted eleven at 2:30 o'clock this afternoon.

The fast, powerful aggregation from the hills beyond Cayuga's waters (for there, the song tells us, live 50,000 slightly crowded collegians) will enter the Stadium confident of overwhelming the Crimson in this, their one encounter for several years. Star-studded and bulky is Coach Snavely's team, admittedly ranking with Dartmouth as tops in eastern climes.

Harvard Outweighed 181 Pounds

Chief of the satellites is the cat-like all-American Brud Holland, at left end. Others are rangy center and Captain Van Ranst and the ghost-running left halfback, George Peck. In and around these are nothing but 200-pounders.

Dick Harlow will send out exactly 181 pounds less of total football manhood, but he is sending out a team which, like all of the Crimson teams, will give their best when the odds are heaviest against them. Not less but more of a chance has Harvard to upset the dope after last Saturday's defeat. They were beaten by a team which Cornell cannot but underrate, even as Harvard underrated them a week ago.


Harvard No One-Man Eleven

Not since the legendary days of Barry Wood has the Crimson fielded a one-man team, or even a team with one or two possibilities for such gridiron dreamdom as all-American laurels. Captain Bob Green's eleven is another of these teams.

Green, Don Daughters, and Ken Booths would be standouts in any line, but they are not all-Americans. Frank Foley, Torby Macdonald, and Austie Harding are good runners, passers, and pass catchers, but they are not Clint Franks. Any one of them has an equal chance to steal the show in this or any other game.

From Harlow down to the last J. V. man asked to dress for the clash nobody is predicting wonders from the 1938 football model here. But even truer is the fact that nobody is going to give Cornell the kind of rout they expect. The Crimson will go all out, and the hope of three-quarters of the stands will go all out with them. THE LINEUPS HARVARD  CORNELL Capt. Green (171) l.c.  Spang (176) r.c. Healey (198) l.t.  West (215) r.t. Mellen (175) l.g.  Heminway (204) r.g. Russell (192) c.  Capt. VanRanst (200) c. Coleman (183) r.g.  Roth (205) l.g. Booth (194) r.t.  McKeever (215) l.t. Daughters (181) r.c.  Holland (202) l.e. Wilson (185) q.b.  Matuszczak (196) q.b. Foley (160) l.h.b.  Peck (185) or Macdonald (178) r.h.b.  McCullough (170) r.h.b. Cohen (185) f.b.  Baker (180) or     McCullough (170) l.h.b.     Eichler (201) f.b.