New York Club Sends Five Men to Top Lists; Chicago, New Hampshire Each Grant Four

Harvard Club of Maryland: Peter L. Gill, of Washington, D. C., formerly of Ashton, Md.; and Maurice C. Pincoffs Jr., of Baltimore.

Harvard Club of Milwaukee. Vern K. Miller, of Milwaukee.

Harvard Club of Minnesota: Morton B. Jackson, of St. Paul.

Harvard Club of New Hampshire: Frederick J. Harrigan, of Lisbon; Robert F. Thurrell Jr. of Wolfeboro; and John A. Ordway 2d, of Franklin.

Harvard Club of New Jersey: John A. Carpenter, of Boonton; John L. Felmeth, of Elizabeth; Allen W. Greene, of Passaic; and Harvey P. Sleeper Jr. of Short Hills.


Harvard Club of New York City: Paul I. Carp, of Brooklyn; Paul D. Foote, of Brooklyn; Murray A. Lampert, of Brooklyn; Heintzdieter von Schoenermarck, of New York; and Melvin Spitz, of New York.

Harvard Club of Philadelphia: James E. Meredith Jr., of Wynnewood; and Judson T. Shaplin, of Reading, Pa.

Harvard Club of Quincy: George M. Lusk, of Quincy.

Harvard Club of Rhode Island: Stuart H. Cowen, of Coventry, West Warwick.

Harvard Club of Rochester: Donald DeW. King, of Rochester.

Harvard Club of St. Louis: Frederick W. H. Bradley, of St. Louis; Norman P. Knowlton Jr., of Ferguson; and Robert C. Lewis, of St. Louis.

Harvard Club of Washington, D. C.: Robert E. Pittis, of Cleveland.

Harvard Club of Western Pennsylvania: Webster N. Jones Jr., of Pittsburgh; and Homer S. Musgrave, of Mt. Lehanon, Pittsburgh.


Harvard Club of Cincinnati: John C. Wahlke '39, of Cincinnati.

Harvard Club of Lynn: John F. Chaisson '39, of Swampscott.

Harvard Club of Southern California: John B. Fisher '41, of Los Angeles.

Harvard Graduates Living in Milton: Marshall W. Swan '39, of Milton.