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Students who let some Negro boys take their cars "to a garage" are probably aiding those same boys in their necking parties and are laying themselves open to a lot of trouble, according to the Cambridge police, in a warning to all Harvard car owners last night.

This fact, as well as parking violations, stolen clothing and recent room robberies were touched upon in statements made by Sergeant Charles P. Donelan and Officer John Tevlan, who cover the region around the University.

The other night, according to Sergeant Donelan, a car owned by a Missouri boy in Dunster House was found parked on the Esplanade; inside was Stanley Williams, a Negro commonly seen around the Square, with two 15-year-old colored girls. He also had a rubber tube with which he syphoned gas out of other cars, and the speedometer was disconnected.

Who Lost Ermine Wrap?

Williams has gone to the Concord Reformatory, but this misuse of cars is prevalent among other boys in the Square. Donelan said that several nights ago five out-of-state Harvard cars were seen parked at Franklin and Sydney Streets, with Negro necking parties going on inside them. Police can take no action in most cases because permission has been given to the boys to drive the cars, the owners believing they are being taken to garages.

Regarding robberies, Donelan said the Cambridge police have $300,000 worth of stolen clothing, including a $2300 ermine wrap taken from a car during the Chicago game when thieves out through the top get it. No owner has showed up.

Possible light on this recent epidemic of Harvard robberies was seen last night when police said a man named Lehman, who has been in prison for a series of notorious college breaks made some years ago, was recently released.

Maine to Alabama

Known from Maine to Alabama, Lehman went to prison after robberies at the Advocate and elsewhere in the college; he customarily worked from 6 to 7 o'clock in the mornings.

The most recent of the robberies here this year was at 52 Mt. Auburn Street day before yesterday.

Parking Violations

Donelan also wants to warn students that a City-wide drive is under way to tag all cars on Cambridge streets between 2 and 5 o'clock in the morning. Cars parked on Holyoke, Linden and other streets around the college will be tagged regularly as a part of the drive, he said.

The worst violations of all, according to police, are the cars left on South street, between the House squash courts and the Indoor Athletic Building, which constitute a serious fire menace. Parking has always been done here, but this year police will tag until the street is left clear.

These rules apply only to cars left all night' those taken away before 2 or brought after 5 o'clock in the morning are safe from tagging, Donelan said.

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