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"I love it, I love it, I love it," sang Joseph Kialakihooey '42, who hails from Hawaii and has never before seen ice outside of a highball, in an interview yesterday in which he discussed his attitude toward the first snow he has ever come in contact with.

"All my life I've wanted to build a snow man," enthused the islander as he devoured a handful of sooty snow. "No more grass skirts for me! Dorethy Lamour's all the Hawaii I want. She's got plenty of that old Waikiki pizzazz."

"Just call me Kak," he added.

A frown creased the Hawaiian's bronzed brow. "I'm worried about my car," he said. "A fellow told me I wouldn't need any anti-freeze, and on his advice I poured a couple of cups of coffee from the Union into the radiator and called it quits."

For two years, while his companions were out in the breakers diving for pennies and old shoes, Kialakihooey practiced skiing on the slopes of Waikiki's sand dunes with a pair of skis he carved out of an old hollow log. "I never was like other boys," he mused dreamily.

Recalling his reactions to the first snowfall on Thursday, Kialakihooey said, "I rushed down from Wolff's, picked up a handful of snow from the gutter, and just let it run through my fingers. It was white . . . so white." He plucked an icicle off the radiator and sucked it ecstatically.

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