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"It is so refreshing to be in a country, where there is no danger of being bombed--except from Mars" was what the Very Reverend Walter R. Matthews had to say about America in an interview with the CRIMSON yesterday. Reverend Matthews, Dean of St. Paul's, London, is at Harvard this week delivering a series of theological lectures on the William Beldon Noble Foundation.

"I believe it is a very excellent idea to have the Noble lectures especially for university men". Dean Matthews said, referring to Dean Sperry's reversal of the usual practice. "They lectures I gave ten years ago were so very profound and highbrow!"

Spirit of Devotion

Dean Matthews had high praise for the religious organization here. "The morning service in Memorial Chapel are very beautiful," he declared. "They contain a unique spirit of devotion. I have also been impressed with the services at Yale, and with the live interest in religion which I found at Princeton; but here there is a sincerity, a consecration of purpose,--an atmosphere which I can only describe as the manifestation of a true spirit of worship. Doubtless it is partly due to the beautiful building in which the services are held."

Chamberlain's Policy Wise

Concerning the recent Munich agreement, Dean Matthews was very emphatic. "I feel strongly that American comments on the recent four-power agreement are based on a misunderstanding of the situation," he said. "To say that Chamberlain betrayed" Czechoslovakia is to assume that England had a particular obligation to protect her, whereas she had no more obligation than did the United States."

"Persons who say England should have fought are not acquainted with the conditions of democratic government. To bring a nation such as England into war there must be a cause for which the people are enthusiastic--so enthusiastic that they will sustain horror, mounting casualty, and appalling misery without complaining. Such a cause does not exist in England or France."

Time on Side of Peace

"I deprecate all thinking in terms of power politics," Dean Matthews continued. "It is bound to lead one straight to war. My hope is that we may transcend power politics and capitalize on the overwhelming desire of the common people for peace. Every year gives an additional chance for that will to peace to express itself, and that is what Chamberlain is thinking."

England and American Close

"I wish to express my appreciation of the extraordinary kindness and hospitality which this country offers," he said in conclusion. "After all, American life and ideals are very closely allied to the English, and although superficial differences appear, there is a common spirit which is very marked indeed."

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