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With a heavy Republican vote registered in Massachusetts and throughout the nation, Leverett Saltonstall was elected Governor of Massachusetts over James M. Curley by a plurality that is expected to exceed 100,000. Elsewhere, Governor Lehman of New York was reelected but in other key states the Democrats suffered heavy losses. At 4 o'clock this morning Connecticut, Pennsylvania, Michigan, Rhode Island, Ohio and Kansas had apparently returned to the Republican column.

Polling a surprisingly heavy vote in Boston, Leverett Saltonstall dealt former Governor James M. Curley a decisive defeat, and apparently carried most of the State's Republican slate with him.

Most doubtful this morning was the election for the position of Atterney-General, where the present incumbent, Paul A. Dever, was making heavy inroads on an early lead piled up by Barnes. It appeared probble that when the final returns are in Dever will be reelected by a narrow margin.

Also close is the election for Auditor where the Republican, Wood, has the edge over Democrat Buckley. Both Wood and Barnes are running far behind Saltonstall's vote plurality in the city of Boston.

The remainder of the slate, Cahill for Lieut. Governor, Cook for Secretary of State, and Hurley for Treasurer, was elelected over the Republicans.

The following were the standings in the 15 Congressional Districts of Massachusetts:

1st District--Treadway, Republican, reelected.

2nd District--Clason, Republican, reelected.

3rd--Casey, Democrat, and Tuttle, Republican, neck and neck.

4th District--Holmes, Republican reelected.

5th District--Rogers, Republican, reelected.

6th District--Bates, Republican, reelected.

7th District--Connery, Democrat, Reelected.

8th District--Healy, Democrat, Leading 2-1.

9th District--Luce, Republican, leads Eliot, Democrat, in a close fight.

10th District--Tinkham, Republican, leads slightly on fragmentary returns.

11th--Flaherty, Democrat, unopposed for reelection.

12th District--McCormack, Democrat, reelected.

13th District--Wigglesworth, Republican, reelected.

14th District--Martin, Republican, leads.

15th District--Gifford, Republican, apparently reelected.

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