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John McCulloch Claims Isolation Impractical Policy


"Pan-American isolation scarcely comes within the realm of practical politics," said John I.B. McCulloch, noted editor and author, and chairman of last night's Winthrop-Dudley debate. The judges were in agreement, for they awarded the decision to the Dudley-Little team, Henry D. Wyner '39 and Arthur Cantor '40, who upheld the negative of the resolution, "That the United States should promote a policy of Pan-American isolation."

Mr. McCulloch discussed the increased emphasis lately placed on our Pan-American contacts, mentioning the new division of Cultural Relations in the State Department, the Good Neighbor commercial fleet now in service between the United States and South America, and the 74 proposals of the Inter-departmental Committee for Hemispheric Solidarity. Mr. McCulloch discounted the importance of so-called fascist movements in the Latin Americas, "although the trappings are there--the colored shirts, the emblems, the mottoes."

Debating for Winthrop were S. W. Williston Shor '41 and Richard A. Solomon '39.

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