News from the Houses

Interhouse Baseball

In two close indoor baseball games yesterday Lowell downed Kirkland 6-5 for its second win while Adams beat Dunster 1-0 in a pitchers' battle.

The Bellboys scored five of their six runs in the first inning on three hits. The Deacons tied it up with four in the second and one in the third, but Lowell tallied once in the third with what proved to be the winning run.

Jeff Levin pitched for Lowell while Rick Hedblom caught. Bernie Marks and Dick Mudge were the Kirkland battery. The game was the first loss of the year of the Deacons.

Willard Whitman, Adams twirler, held the Funsters to one solitary hit which was garnered by Erny Merrill, first man up for Dunster. Roger Kinnecut held the Gold Coasters scoreless till the fifth inning when the two winning runs scored.

It was the first win for Adams and the first loss for Dunster, defending champions.

Kirkland Downs Lowell Debaters

Judges and audience alike of the Lowell-Kirkland debate last night in the Kirkland Common Room cast their vote for Kirkland and the negative side of the question; "Resolved" That the United States should substantially increase the quota for German refugees."

Bernard Rivin '40 and Richard S. Land '41, of Kirkland, successfully opposed a Lowell team composed of Sherman M. Tonkenow '40 and Nathan Belfer '41. The debate resolved itself into a discussion of humanitarianism vs. practicality.


Tomorrow night the second informal House Dance of the year will be held in the Junior Common Room. Phonograph records will provide the music for dancing from 8 o'clock until 12:00.

The Committee in charge consists of the following members: Eduard N, Ulrich '39, chairman, Lawrence F. Ebb '39, Malcomb Pirnie, Jr. '39, Bayard S. Clark '40, Paul G. Saurwein '40, Richard L. Wing '40, Michael R. Gannett '41, Charles H. Oldfather '41, and James H. Stephenson '41.


The Hampton Quartet will give a concert for members of the House and their guests in the Junior Common Room on Monday at 7:30 o'clock.


Kent Bartlett and his orchestra will provide the music for the Kirkland House Christmas Dance on December 9. Dancing will be from 8 until 12 o'clock. Thomas F. Gladwin '39 is chairman of the Dance Committee and Elliott H. Phillips '40 will be head usher. The other ushers are: Joseph Frank '39, John '40, Neil Rawlinson 3G, and Francis M. Simpson '41.

Francis M. Simpson '41 was elected Sophomore member of the House Committee on the run-off election held this week.


Goldcoasters will dance to the strains of transcribed music tomorrow night in an informal dance in the Lower Common Room. Festivities will begin at 8 o'clock and last until the usual 12 p.m. curfew.