'42 Hoopmen Begin Year by Defeating M.I.T. in Exciting Overtime Clash At Hangar Gym

The only thing that was colder than the shooting of the Crimson five last night in the game against Coach Hank McCarthy's well-drilled M.I.T. quintet was Dangar Gym, and this bad marksmanship combined with the fact that a tall Tech team was willing to drive in for the basket resulted in a 29 to 24 defeat for the Feslermen in their first game of the season.

Amid the chant of excited students, "Our team is red hot," Tom Creamer and Paul Schneider sent the Technology quintet into a nine point lead before the game was ten minutes old. On the defensive, the Tech men threw up a stout man-for-man defense and were able to bottle up the Crimson scoring efforts.

Dick Sullivan and Rick Rabenold were the starting Harvard forwards, but Coach Fesler sent in his ailing star, Charley Lutz, midway in the first half in an attempt to stem the tide. Lutz collected eight points while he was in the game and did not appear to be handicapped by his ankle injury. Captain Lupe Lupien and Fred Heckel were Crimson stalwarts at their guard positions, and Homer Peabody and Bill Humes shared center duties.

Yardlings Win, 31-27

A potentially strong Yardling quintet gained a close victory over M.I.T.'s Freshman hoopmen by the score of 31-27 at Tech last night. Skip Stahley, eager to develop a winning combination, used numerous substitutions.


During the second half of the game, the Technology Yearlings gained steadily on the Crimson hoopsters until a tie of 23-23 was reached at the end of the period. In a five minute overtime session, Tech lost its chance to win as the Stahleymen forged ahead to tally eight points.

The Varsity summary: Harvard (24)  FG  FT  F Sullivan l.f.  1  0  1 Legg l.f.  0  0  1 Rabenold r.f.  0  0  1 Luts r.f.  3  2  2 Humes c.  0  1  3 Peabody c.  1  1  2 Heckal l.g.  8  1  1 Lupion r.g.  1  1  2   --  --  -- Totals  9  6  13 M.I.T. (29)  FG  FT  F Hersog l.f.  2  1  0 Samuuels r.f.  2  0  2 Schneider c.  2  4  3 Wilson c.  1  2  0 Creamer l.g.  3  2  3 Furrell r.g.  0  0  0 Totals  10  9  8

Free throws missed: Legg one, Humes one, Peabody one, Heckel two, Hersog one, Samuels one, Schneider one, Wilson one, and Creamer one.

Score at half: M.I.T. 12, Harvard 10.