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By A STAFF Reporter

For some time there has been considerable speculation in regard to this so-called Lexicon contest Lampoon's funnymen are staging with Wellesley, and last night rumor was rife about a tie-up between humor and big business at the Mount Auburn Street institution.

In the first place, no one has ever heard of "lexicon", which, we are informed, is a cross between a spelling game and a cross word puzzle. It is rumored that this game, however, is going to be placed on the market by a game company, and that, purely by co-incidence, Lampy has just signed an extensive advertising contract with this same company.

William Calfee '39, president of the funnymen, denied that the Lampoon was going in for the business of promoting now games and said "we just do it for the fun of it all."

The local team will be composed of the four intellectual members of the humorous publication who will oppose as many of the Wellesley girls as can be lured into the Mount Auburn Street den.

Newspaper Women

When questioned on the appearance of the opposing team, a Lampoon official declared: "Haven't you seen newspaper women? I only wish they were on a magazine instead."

The whole matter was just a little baffling to Miss Harriet Harrison, head of the Wellesley contingent. As regards the advertising contract, she said she thought "that sounds like a very good idea to me."

Miss Harrison also defended newspaper women by saying that "our newspaper practice led us to suppose that the Harvard Lampoon would have investigated the situation and found both magazine and newspaper open to challenge at Wellesley. We regret that the Lampoon feels inadequate to cope with newspaper women. Their mistake was in not challenging the magazine."

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