Student Council Keeps Tim Buck from Speaking Because of Canadian Law Against Red Propaganda

From The McGill Daily

MONTREAL, QUE., Feb. 17--Yesterday evening the McGill student council was forced to exclude the communist speaker Tim Buck from the McGill Union.

Mr. Buck was to have spoken as one of a number of speakers in a political symposium which is being held under the auspices of the McGill Social Problems Club. To date the club has brought to the McGill Union, Mr. Woodsworth of the C. C. F. Party, a member of the Liberal Party and Mr. Adrien Arcand, leader of the Canadian Fascist movement.

The reason given for banning Tim Buck who was to have spoken next Monday was that it would be in direct violation of the law, and that McGill students were above all law abiding. According to a law of the Provincial Legislature it is illegal for any person to propagate Communism in the Province of Quebec. Any person so doing is liable to three months to one year in jail as is the owner or proprietor of any hall permitting his building to be used for such purpose.

It was felt that the Student Council was guardian of the property of the students namely the McGill. Union and in this responsible position were in the position to jeopardize the students property.


The McGill Daily feels that the Provincial Government is preventing the university from carrying ont he functions of a university--namely it is forbidding people interested in hearing the case against Fascism.