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In a sensational uphill finish last night, Harvard Yard Cops nosed out the Yale Campus police by a 1686-1645 score, with Captain George De-Pinto's brilliant last string of 149 adding the points necessary for a Crimson victory.

Breathless after his phenomenal performance, DePinto could only gasp, "I knew I could do it for Fair Harvard."

The Harvard squad was still bowling last night when the all-important telegram bearing the Yale scores arrived from New Haven. Harry Donaldson, team manager grabbed the message, tore it open and moaned to his mates, "They've gone and rolled up a 1645 total, boys!"

Although the Crimson squad was well supported by a sizable audience, the alleymen were immediately thrown into a pandemonium of sorrow. Discouraged mutterings, expressions of disgust with the whole match, and general sadness prevailed in the Harvard ranks, for all the Yard cops had taken their turns. But George DePinto had one string left to bowl.

At that time the Crimson's score stood at 1537. Quick figuring revealed that DePinto would have to turn in at least 108 to take the Elis, but thus far he had bowled only strings of 96 and 99. He was off his game.

"I know I can lick 'em," cried DePinto as he took his place, his arms laden with the spheres that were to tell the tale of victory or defeat for Harvard. He sent his first ball spinning down the alley and it scattered the candle pins for a perfect strike. He took another shot, and again all the pins were felled, and so it went until his total had sky-rocketed to 149, leaving the Crimson sphere-slingers with their 1686 aggregate score.

"I knew I could--I knew I could!" cried the Yard cop here, almost deafened by the acclamation of the audience. Proud supporters of DePinto were Henry Donaldson with 112-113-112; Jack Rich with 100-100-101; Bill Lawrence with 104-123-134: and John McLaughlin with 80-120-143.

Yale's scores were: Morrissey 89-108-102; McNulty 92-94-99; Ahearn 122-114-94; Murphy 112-105-11; Sullivan pinch-hitting for Kelleher 143-117-143.

DePinto as captain of the Yard cop alleymen said last night after the match was over, "I am glad the results of this little fray have demonstrated to New England that the Yard Police of Harvard are well able to follow the footsteps of the different Varsity teams that have defeated Yale recently."

"Shuffle" Wilsin, famed Harvard substitute who accompanied the team to the alleys, was so overcome with joy that he could only say "Wheeee!" for the rest of the evening.

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