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NEW HAVEN, CONN., Feb, 22--Followers and supporters of swimming at Yale are waiting with considerable interest to see what action the Harvard Student council is going to take with regard to making swimming a major sport.

The general reaction here is that the regulation governing the awarding of a major "Y" to a swimmer are too stringent, and probably a movement will be inaugurated to liberalize these restrictions should the Harvard move be successful.

Majority of Firsts

As the plan here is in operation today, to get a major letter a swimmer has to get a first in a majority of selected meets, which this year include the Ivy League meets, Rutgers, and Michigan. One of these firsts must be against Harvard or Princeton. A minor "Y" is awarded other participants in the Harvard and Princeton meets.

The trouble with this plan as expressed here is that it is too difficult to win a major letter. Men may be in the top ten of the country in their events and still be unable to earn the major "Y". For instance, this year Burns, topnotch Eli backstroker, is one of the six or seven best in the country, but because Princeton and Harvard happen to have equally outstanding backstrokers he may not earn a letter.

If Harvard makes the sport a major, it is quite certain that Captain Macionis will attempt to get similar action for recognition at Yale. This in effect would seem to join the two universities in the plea. Coach Kiphuth has refused to comment on the matter.

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