Detailed Agenda and List of Guests Who Have Accepted Bid to Now Haven Will Be Published Next Week

With the agenda for each of the five Round Tables of this year's Yale-Harvard-Princeton Conference on Public Affairs nearing completion at the hands of the Yale Faculty Committee in New Haven, the Executive Committee is now turning to the selection of Undergraduate delegates.

As last year, there will be five student delegates from each of the three colleges at each of the five tables, or 25 from each college. Each table will have an undergraduate Chairman to guide the discussion along the lines mapped in the agenda. Three of these will be from Yale this year, one from Princeton, and one from Harvard. Table 1, on Government and the Control of Money and Credit, will be led by a Harvard Chairman.

Topics of Discussion

Table 2 will be on The Government's Role in the Relation of Labor and Capital; Table 3 on the Foreign Policy of the United States and Trade Treaties; Table 4 on Administrative Reorganization; and Table 5 on Public Opinion and Propaganda.

The Executive Committee of the Conference is composed of William P. Bundy, Yale '39, Vice-Chairman of the Yale News, Chairman; John T. McCutcheon, Jr., Harvard '39, Executive Editor of the CRIMSON; and William A. Bours, 3d, Princeton '39, Managing Editor of the Daily Princetonian.

Harvard Faculty Committee

The Harvard Faculty Committee consists of President Conant; Harold H. Burbank, David A. Wells Professor of Political Economy, for Table 1; Sumner H. Slichter, professor of Business Economics, for Table 2; Bruce C. Hopper, associate professor of Government, for Table 3; Arthur N. Holcombe '06 professor of Government, for Table 4; and Carl J. Friedrich, professor of Government, for Table 5.

The three Chairmen whom Harvard contributed to the Conference last year, when it was held here, were Robert L. Bishop '37, Robert C. Lea, Jr. '37, and Richard T. Davis '38.

Candidates Notify Crimson

Conference this year will be held in New Haven on Friday and Saturday, April 22 and 23. Students who wish to sit at one of the tables should send a postcard to John T. McCutcheon, Jr., The Harvard CRIMSON, 14 Plympton Street, giving their telephone numbers if they can be reached in that way, their address, and the table they wish to sit at.