Pathe and Fox Movietone Cameramen Have Hey-Dey Snapping All Crimson Oarsmen

To the tune of grinding newsreel cameras, surprised and flattered oarsmen left the docks at Newell Boat House yesterday afternoon for their regular practice. Hollywood in the shape of a barrage of Pathe and Fox Movietone photographers descended upon the Charles River to stage a Cecil B. DeMille extravaganza a la Bolles.

It soon became evident that this was to be no ordinary practice. Ten shells passed upstream to a designated spot where the stage was set for the show. At this place they spread out into two formations of five boats each, spaced about 100 feet apart.

At a given signal from Head Coach Tom Bolles the whole pageant became galvanized into action and swept swiftly down the river. Following at a discreet distance came the launches containing the coaches and one special boat containing the men from Hollywood. This boat was fitted with all manner of movie contraptions even sound instruments.

After quite a spirited race during which the second formation tried in vain to catch up with the first, Bolles gave the signal to stop. A new grouping was instituted. This time all ten shells spread out in a single line spanning the Charles in a graceful effect. Cameramen had a hey-dey. But they missed catching "Spike" Chace, who was out with a cold. Oarsmen were exhausted.