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Unable to cope with the superior speed and passing attack of their England fees, the Crimson rugby team was submerged Saturday afternoon 50-0 in the mire of Soldiers Field before a scant 500 rain-defying fans.

Resorting too frequently to the rough and tumble football tactics, the Varsity was at a loss in checking the deft offense of the experienced Cambridge University fifteen. It was Harvard's first meet of the season; Cambridge's twenty-seventh.

Crimson Tougher Than Yale

Only on four occasions was the Crimson within scoring range, although the invaders stated that the Harvard opposition was considerably stiffer than Yale's, despite the narrower 40-0 score at New Haven.

Since the Crimson attack was principally based on a running offensive, while the English ruggers were more dependent on kicking, the rain and slippery field were serious handicaps to the Varsity.

Ritchie Highscorer

No individual star was apparent in the Crimson ranks, but Tommy Ritchi for Cambridge stole the honors for the Englishmen with a total of 25 points on one try, four penalty kicks, and five conversions.

On different occasions Ritchie dropped boots from the 40 and 35 yard stripes, while many of his scores came on angle kicks deep in the Crimson territory.

27-0 At Half

On a series of swift moving scoring drives featured by deft lateral passes, the visitors romped to an early lead and left at half-time with a one-sided 27-0 margin. Apparently discouraged, the Crimson was unable to check the English parade of scores that 23 additional tallies in the last 35 minute period.

The Cambridge fifteen has three more encounters before concluding its first American tour since 1934. The remaining games are with Princeton and two all-star aggregations at New York. Following Saturday's victory, the English squad were the guests for dinner at the Harvard Club of Boston.

The line-up:

CAMBRIDGE--Spencer, Steeds, Jerwood, Newton-Thompson, Folker, Hunter, Lindsay, Parry, forwards; Kemble, Parsons, Downes, Mallett, Ritchie, Leed, Low backs.

HARVARD--Whitney, Clowes, Knapp, Scott, Fisher, Downes, Gephart, Miller, forwards; Osgood, Goff, Constable, Kennedy, Watt, Cohen, Hadden, backs.

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