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High above the deep waters of specialization the Freshman class stands perched, trying to puzzle out which way to leap. Starting with a soothing lecture this morning, two feverish weeks will be spent by those Yardlings who have not made up their minds in which field to concentrate. At Harvard, this decision is made earlier than at most colleges, and the success of the system which provides for a longer period of concentration depends upon the assumption that Freshmen will choose wisely.

There will be much sales talk and well-meaning advice filling the air during the next fortnight, and the doubtful soul who takes it all too seriously will spend most of the time changing his mind. But on the other hand, Yardlings obviously cannot walk about blindfolded with cotton in their cars. Quite on the other hand, they will do well to collect all the available advice and take it for what it is worth, for in the end the decision is theirs and theirs alone.

The question is not one of determining a future life's work; Harvard is not an Antioch or a Technology. In fact, most men will find that it is a good idea to forget any premonition of future careers and select the field in which they are really interested. Although it does not commit them to lifelong imprisonment, changes later on cannot be made without the loss of much valuable time, and care now will pay large dividends later on. Above all, the worst thing they can do is to drift into any field at all, expecting to have an education shoved down their throats, as it were. Freshmen owe it to themselves to use their common sense during the next few weeks and come to an intelligent decision.

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