Kirkland Swimmers, Eliot Squash Men Face Elis; Boxers, Grapplers, Lowell Five Against Green

Five Houses will show their prowess in outside competition today, with Kirkland swimmers meeting the Elis at New Haven, Eliot squash team playing the Yale men on their own court, Lowell House five, a composite boxing team, and an informal wrestling squad will invade Hanover to meet the Green.

The Deacons, traveling away, will struggle with the Vanderbilt team, Yale's champion among the colleges. Those Kirkland will send away are: A. L. Waldron, Jr. '40, M. L. Weiss '39, W. N. Rines '40, W. D. Fraser '38, P. R. Wentworth '39, L. A. Campbell '39, L. A. Gore '40, J. E. Reagan '39, S. Bunshaft '39, R. H. Sibley, Jr. '38, K. C. Russell '38, who is captain.

Eliot House faces Yale in squash although the House championship has not yet been decided between it and Dunster. The play-off is next week, but the Elephants won the chance of facing the Blue, although tied in matches, by its greater number of games won.

Champions in the recent House boxing tournaments will fight Dartmouth boxers. They are: 125, P. O. Chatfield '39; 135, E. P. Richardson '39; 145, J. R. Weston '38; 155, H. W. Kelly '40; 165, R. I Downs '40; 175, L. B. Harder '41; heavyweight, T. Gardiner '40.

Lowell House will join the Dartmouth parade with a basketball team composed of R. P. Kelley '38, R. B. Murphy '39, H. L. Stubbs '39, H. M. Thurston, Jr. '40, S. M. Tonkonow '40, while an informal group of wrestlers, selected from those out for Varsity and Freshman wrestling will have a contest.