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Dean, Hygiene Head, Ask For Serious Support of Questionnaire On All Extra-Curricular Activities, Including Sports--Polling At Lunch--Results Announced Tuesday


Lauding the CRIMSON extra-curricular questionnaire, which will be voted on by all upperclassmen at lunch time today, Dean Hanford said yesterday:

"The Dean's Office recognizes the fact that a student can derive considerable benefit from taking part in extra-curricular activities, providing a proper balance is maintained. The information obtained from the CRIMSON poll should be of especial help in giving for the first time an idea of student opinion regarding the value of outside activities."

Bock Asks for Serious Support

Dr. Arlie V. Bock also praised the poll. His statement reads: "There is no doubt in my mind that many men both undergraduate and graduate students of the University, would profit by participation in one or more types of extra-curricular activity. Such activities may form a substantial part of the whole educational procedure, since they help to fit men to live in the world of men.

"The CRIMSON poll on this subject," concludes Dr. Bock, "should be supported seriously by all students, since it represents an effort to explore the outlets available and why they succeed or fail."

Divided into Four Parts

The questionnaire is divided into four parts, of which the first is the longest. In this part the voters will be asked to list their activities (including sports) and the reasons why they did go out for them, or, if not, why they rejected them. The poll will be a non-signature affair, so that such reasons for going out for activities as doing something "which could be listed in the Class Album" are included.

The second part asks if a student's activities have been (1) Fun, (2) Worth the time demanded, (3) Detrimental to marks, and (4) More valuable than course work.

The third question reads: "Do you feel undergraduate activities tend to make the Harvard community more similar to conditions you will meet after graduation?" A sizeable essay could probably be written on this subject, but only a small space is given, and it is hoped that answers will be brief and pertinent.

Fourth and concluding item asks, "What activity, not necessarily one in which you took part, do you consider the most worthwhile?"

The results of the poll will be announced in Tuesday's CRIMSON.

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