Down Winthrop, Eliot, Dunster in First Round of Play; Dunster, Eliot, and Lowell Win on Courts

House sextets sallied forth onto the links yesterday for the first round of inter-House golf; when the air was cleared of flying divots, Lowell was found to have downed Winthrop 9 to 1, while Kirkland and Adams had beaten Eliot and Dunster both by a score of 5 to 4. The Bunnies and the Ramblers battled to a 4 to 4 draw.

In yesterday's tennis matches the Deacons blanked Winthrop 7 to 0 with a team composed of Wynn, Barker, Bradlee, Hough, Sibley, Ruml, and Pressly. The Elephant racquetmen trimmed Adams 4 to 3 despite the valliant efforts of Goldcoasters Ross. Warehan, and Watkins. Dunster barely edged Dudley 4 to 3 as Lowell clipped the Bunny's cars 5 to 2.

Ball games scheduled for tomorrow are: Adams vs. Lowell and Leverett vs. Dudley in softball; and Eliot vs. Winthrop and Kirkland vs. Dunster in hardball. On the tennis courts the Elephants will bat the ball about with the Puritans, while Kirkland faces Dunster.