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To the Editor of the Crimson:

In Saturday's Crimson, Quinby Taylor '41, drew a close comparison between Granville Hicks and Al Capone. In so doing, he revealed clearly the attitude toward Communism of a group well represented throughout the country. To this group, the difference between a Red and a hardened criminal is negligible; all Communists are evil in intent, warped in intellect--shadowy monsters to be hated and feared. Such a deplorable recrudescence of superstition in our supposedly enlightened America is nursed by many things--home environment, the natural hostility of those in economic security toward any possible disruptive force--but primarily, as with every other superstition, this one is based on ignorance. It is a safe bet that neither Mr. Taylor nor those possessing his views are acquainted with Mr. Hicks or with the tenets of Communism....

We must admit that much of the vitality of America today is due to the constant infusion of new ideas, new energies, new slants on things. We may not choose to swallow any of the 'isms' whole, but certainly we are not so vain, nor so biggotted as to feel we can gain nothing from a philosophy which differs from our own. Grant Wiprud '41

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