Frankfurter Maintains Former Justice Holmes Part of National Life

Ends Series On Supreme Court For American History Study

"Mr. Justice Holmes is built into the structure of our national life, and has written himself into the slender volume of the literature of all time," stated Felix Frankfurter, Byrne Professor of Administrative Law, concluding a series of three lectures on "The Court and Mr. Justice Holmes" last night in the New Lecture Hall.,

Speaking on "The Federal System," Professor Frankfurter insisted that the Supreme Court was justified in its voiding of many state laws, since the foremost consideration must always be the benefit of the nation as a whole. However, the judicial control over state laws is often costly, for it "stops experimentation at its source and bars needed increase to the fund of social knowledge."

Finally, like all human institutions, the Supreme Court must earn reverence through the test of truth, he asserted.