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With a dinosaur footprint among their booty, 22 tired geologists returned to Cambridge late Saturday night from an all-day field trip to the Connecticut Valley.

The Cambridge police caught up with Kirtley F. Mather, professor of Geology and leader of the expedition, before he had left the city. The other our cars waited patiently while the professor got his ticket for passing at an intersection in one of the new speed traps.

Blowout Delays Upson

In Orange, before even reaching the Connecticut River, Joseph E. Upson, Austin Teaching Fellow in Geology, got a puncture and substituted an adequate spare. In Old Hadley, the second tire blew out, but Charles S. Denny, assistant in Geology came to the rescue.

After a picnic lunch in the woods, the intrepid dared to beard the god in his den at Titan's Piazza on Mount Holyoke. Titan, unfortunately, was out, but Professor Mather Welcomed the Harvard boys to this high cliff under the impending columns of rock.

On The Trall of the Dinosaur

Where dinosaurs walked of old, the placid Connecticut now flows. But the Geology boys found one exposure, well known to curiosity seekers. Unsatisfied with the few footprints to be seen, and inspired by the scars where thieves had already managed to escape with several spear, the boys began to hack away at the layers of rock.

John C. Carter '41 uncovered one large print, which after debate was attributed to the great race of extinct reptiles. Proudly tucking the case of it under his arm, he brought it back to present to his home-town library.

Undergraduates in the voluntary field trip were: Clarence H. Barber '40, John R. Bemis '40, John S. Carter '41, Paul C. Clough '40, Alexander S. Elder '38, Willard P. Fuller, Jr. '40, Martin S. D. Gill '41, Robert E. Lewis Sp., William R. Murphy, 3rd '41, John S. Newberry, Jr. '41, Melvin Pollard '41, Bernard D. Shea '41, Louis LeF. Sutro '38, Wheeler Smith '41, Lester H. Watson, '40, John C. Wells '40, Stephen Winship '41, Herbert E. Wright, Jr. '39, and Charles B. Woodman '41.

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