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Closely following its overwhelming repudiation at the polls last week, the A.F. of L.'s militant front to steal the march on college unionization by enveloping 1500 Harvard workers completely collapsed yesterday, as international representative Robert H. Everitt Withdrew his charges of unfair labor practice against the University.

Everitt's action, meaning the total abandonment of the labor scene here, proved fruitless months of ceaseless agitation to sign up workers with the A.F. of L., and left the 89 building service employees who voted for his organization to be swallowed up by the H.U.E.R.A.

Everitt Backs Out

"In view of the elections conduction on Friday," stated the Federation leader in a letter to the State Labor Commission, "I have come to the conclusion to withdraw accusations against Harvard officials for intimidation and coercion of maids and caretakers in favor of the inside union."

He went on to say that "at no time could I complain of the Attitude of the University administration, especially Messrs. Durant and Lowes," thus tacitly clinging to the belief that janitors and certain minor officers had been the men responsible for fostering a "company dominated union."

May return Next Year

Explaining his moves as "only temporary," Everitt declared that "I wouldn't be surprised if I were to come back next year." By that time, he said, employees would be "well fed up with the H.U.E.R.A."

To this, William Bunyon, of the Care-taking Department and president of the inside union, made it plain that his organization would have far more vitality at the end of a year than any A.F. of L. unit. Admitting satisfaction at the results of the election, Bunyon revealed that his group was planning a forceful program of collective bargaining.

While the H.U.E.R.A. awaits the Labor Board's official certification of their eight college units, A.F. of L. kitchen workers retain the rights of sole bargaining for members of this department, after a 274-148 vote last Thursday had established the validity of their contract, with the University, signed on January 29.

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